Saturday, 14 June 2014

Welcome to my blog

Hey guys! 

 My name is Ebru and I'm 16 years old (nearly 17!). And I have wanted to create a blog for some time now, but never really had the free time due to exams. Since I have some free time, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to write about the many things I love.  My blog will be mainly based on beauty such as makeup and skin care products. However I will also be blogging about fashion and other random things that I love such as books. I will be honest my feeling towards products without trying to discourage you guys from any products.  You can expect beauty hauls, monthly favourites, fashion hauls, what's in my bag, to book hauls and many more in my blog. I will try to have range of different topics in my blog, as I want my blog to appeal to many different types of people. And I am also up for any recommendations, on what to include on my blog and different products. 

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