Saturday, 28 June 2014

Beauty UK High Brow Kit Multi review and swatches

I have used countless eyebrow products from gels to pens, and decided to try using powder. I heard great things about the beauty UK kit from YouTube, but it was always out of stock in Superdrug or the package was ruined.  
 Eyebrows have become such a big deal in beauty industry right now, than ever before.And now everyone is on the hunt for the perfect eyebrows.Some of us are not so lucky with thick eyebrows, or some of us just want to enhance our brows a little.

I personally like the packaging, as it doesn't feel cheap but sturdy even though it's plastic.The beauty UK high brow kit comes with 3 shades of neutral colours, a white wax, tweezers and a brush. I probably won't use their tweezers. The neutral shades are perfect for all eyebrow colours from blonde to black. The colours make your eyebrows look natural and effortless, which is always a plus.
The eyebrow shades last a very long time on your eyebrows, when the wax is also applied. The colours have great pigmentation, and are easy to blend giving a natural finish without the colours being too harsh on your brows.
The packet also comes with instructions, which I think is perfect for anyone who is just beginning experiment with their brows.
Overall I really like this brow kit, and would recommend it to anyone. I also love the fact that it's only £3.99 at Superdrug, which is quite affordable.

                                                   xo Ebru


  1. Ok i really need to try this eye brow kit, i need a new one! :)
    Lovely blog!x