Friday, 1 August 2014

fashion haul

I love wedges; they are the more comfy heels you can get but still chic. And they are perfect for the day time, and can be worn with many different things such as jeans to dresses. I decided to go for brown wedges as its settle, and can be worn in the summer. The wedges are very comfy and were from New look for around £25, I also got student discount on them. The one thing I really like about New Look is that they give student discounts.

I really wanted some cheap sandals, where I could wear them just out and about but still be comfortable. I brought these sandals from Primark for only £8!!! I think they are perfect if you want to dress yourself down and yet still have cute sandals. I think they would perfect to wear at a picnic or at the beach.

I think jelly shoes are really cute, but I wasn't sure if I loved them. So I decided to buy cheap ones from Primark, rather than expensive ones that I may not like after a while. I brought them for £6, which is very affordable. I know some people like them with socks, but I like them without the socks. I wanted the transparent ones, but they didn't have any left. I went for the gold ones as they would look really nice with a tan. I also like that these jelly's have heels.

Zara had amazing sales for the summer this year. I had to buy this small shoulder bag. It was only £13! It was a must buy. What I love about this bag is that it has 3 small compartments inside, making it easier to find things in your bag. I hate that feeling when you just can't find what you're looking for, and you have to empty out your bag in the middle of the street. I also love the detailing on this bag. I think it quite unique and a perfect bright yellow for the summer.

I wanted the city bag from Zara for the longest time, but it just looked too big on me. And the ones they have now have a different material. I saw this bag in accessories for £37; however I did get a student discount on it. It's basically the smaller version of the Zara city bag.  And this bag was supposed to be my only bag for the summer, and I think it's a normal price for a high street bag now days. I love that this bag has 3 main compartments with small compartments inside. I picked out the light nude colour as I think it's more suitable for the summer.  And it's perfect to travel with due to the size and the shoulder straps.

I think finding sunglasses that look right on you are quite hard, as we all have different face shapes. I picked out these round sunglasses from Primark; I do know that cheaper sunglasses can't protect your eyes as well. And you should get something that can actually protect your eyes, but these were just too cute to pass up on.  Round sunglasses are more popular this summer than before, and can be perfect for any day outfits. 


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